What Dog Lovers Are Saying

”Having moved to Portland a year ago, I have discovered that finding a good dog groomer has been the most difficult service provider to find.  We have tried 4-5 groomers in the area but none of them were great.  I am a very picky dog mama because my Yorkie has severe separation anxiety due to being a rescue.  I have worried and stressed after leaving her with all of the groomers that I have entrusted her to this past year.  Therefore, the most important factor for me in a dog groomer is a feeling that my dog will be cared for by someone who genuinely loves animals.  Today, I have finally found her groomer with Green Whiskers and Amanda.  Booking the appointment was easy online and I appreciated that they wanted detailed information about my pet that most groomers never request.  I was immediately contacted via text and got a next day appointment due to a cancellation.  Everything was done and confirmed quickly via friendly text message.  Zoey was nervous and clutched onto me as she always does at a drop off but Amanda was calm and kind as I handed her over which definitely eased her stress at being separated from me.  I would drive to a groomer to get this comfort but the added bonus was that my dog was right outside our door the entire time in the nicest mobile grooming van that I have ever seen.  She was finished in just under an hour too which is far better than being kept from home for the usual 3-4 hours it takes at other groomers.  She came back to me happy, stress free and beautifully groomed!  The added bonus is the unique water saving method that is used for both conservation and avoiding the standard dreaded bath.  She is clean and smells great.  Obviously, it does cost a bit more for a mobile groomer but for me it is worth it.  Try Green Whiskers - you won't be disappointed!” (Yelp review five stars, November 2018) Anjanette M. Portland

”I travel a LOT for work and basically live in different cities for months or years at a time. I always try to do mobile grooming for convenience but also to lessen the stress on my dog. Anyway, I was in Portland for a visit and found Green Whiskers and cannot say enough good things. They are by far the BEST mobile grooming company I have used (and I've used 10 in 8 states). The owner is super communicative and professional. Amanda, the groomer was DELIGHTFUL and has good breed knowledge. AND they are more eco-friendly. Book fast because I have a feeling they won't have space in their schedule for long.” (Yelp review five stars, November 2018) Laurelei B., California

”Wowza! I am sooooo impressed with Green Whiskers. We have two huge Great Pyrenees that were filthy from playing in the dirt all summer and me procrastinating taking them to the self service dog wash. Amanda treated my pups like royalty and they smelled so good when she was done. THANK YOU Green Whiskers, looking forward to our next visit.” (Google review five stars, November 2018) Kathleen F., Tigard

Green whiskers was a great solution for our dog. He got right in the van and had a bath and nail trim. He was happy and clean! Green whiskers was flexible and super easy. They come right to your door. I highly recommend them.” (Google review five stars, November 2018) Suzanne M., Portland

”I followed Amanda (the grooming technician) from her previous place of employment because she's one in a million!!! We have two Shih-tzus and Amanda has been grooming them for the past 2 years!! I really can't say enough about her professionalism and compassion toward our fur babies. Both of our boys are seniors so we've had to ask for some special requests to be done during their grooming, all of which Amanda has accommodated!! In previous years we've used mobile grooming which is a little more expensive but sooo worth it!! It's not only convenient but also gives us pet parents piece of mind that they are being taken care of within arms reach. (I'm a total helicopter pet momma)! So when I heard Amanda was going to join Green Whiskers, we were super excited!! I have to give a shout-out to the owner Greg too!! He's been very responsive when making appointments and even came to our first visit to introduce himself. I love his professionalism and excellent costumer service!! The mobile unit they have is clean, modern and can accommodate any size pet. I really like that the mobile unit is self contained; using a generator for electricity as well has having their own water unit, all of which are eco-friendly. The products they use are also free of harmful chemicals.” (Facebook recommendation, November 2018) Shana W., Portland

I really couldn't be happier with our experience!!“Very professional, easy to work with. Great service and huge convenience having them drive to me. I felt that Amanda asked enough questions to make sure she knew what I wanted and I was so happy with my pups look when he was done! Exactly what I asked for. Highly recommend.” (Google review five stars, November 2018) Lori D., Portland

“I can not even begin how wonderful Green Whiskers is. I highly recommend them; having 2 Aussie's is a lot of hair and they groomed them exactly how an Aussie should be groomed. Great prices and fantastic service; already booked our next appointment.”(Google review five stars, October 2018) Lisa B., Portland

“Green Whiskers fills a big gap in the Portland metro area. Dog grooming that focuses on modern communications (text/email), excellent customer service and high-quality services. Our pup came out pampered and happy - Amanda did a wonderful job, the cut was perfect and even. I can tell he loved the one-on-one attention - he was practically prancing around the house. You may pay a little bit extra but you can't beat the quality, cleanliness, convenience and customer service.” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Rebecca T., Portland

“It’s not the first time we’ve used mobile pet grooming for our 3 little guys. We’ve recently relocated to Vancouver/ Portland area and have found in the past that even an average mobile groomer is better than taking them in. The stress on the dogs at a grooming salon is enough to favor mobile grooming as it always took 1/2 a day and they seemed to never get water during their stay. After a short google search, we found Green Whiskers and made our appointment not really knowing much about them. If they had a relatively clean van and showed up on time, we would be happy. Well, we just finished our appointment with Green Whiskers and we couldn’t be happier. Amanda was fabulous, she asked all the right questions, was very genuine in her care for our boys and was exactly what you would hope for with any pet grooming experience. The van was immaculate and during our interaction we learned about the eco-friendly hypoallergenic bathing process using up to 90% less water. One by one, they jumped out of the van smelling great and happy as can be. Needless to say, this is the best pet grooming experience we’ve ever had “period”. They’ve exceeded our expectations in every way and we feel very fortunate to have found Green Whiskers. I hope we never have to leave because I don’t think we could ever find a groomer anywhere else that can live up to our new expectations.” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Daniel S., Vancouver

“Greg and Amanda at Green Whiskers offer great customer service, wonderful pampering of our pets, and top notch care - book with confidence! Our doggies feel and smell great. Also, I highly recommend their teeth brushing service as an add on; Amanda did a great job on that, too! Usually, my dogs are super excited to leave the groomer, but they didn't want to stop loving on Amanda.” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Elizabeth W., Portland

“From the moment I inquired with Greg, the service was excellent. Quick call backs, efficient systems confirming our appointment and they were on time! Amanda the groomer was kind and so good with our dogs. And their cuts are adorable and exactly what we were hoping for.” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Kelly R., Portland

“Awesome results and absolutely no dog stress! Communication and service the best! They both look wonderful! A repeat customer here for sure! See you in 5 weeks Amanda! BTW-They even had my neighbors stopping by to inquire about service for their dog! Call them and check them out!” (Square review, October 2018) Alice P., Vancouver

“What a great service.  They come to you.  Groomer is super pro and friendly.  Dog comes out of this state of the art, eco friendly van looking like a million bucks!  Henry loved it and I didn't have to clean or clip him.  Highly recommend this service.” (Yelp five stars, September 2018) Ben M., Portland

“It's great to have them come right to your door! I have a doodle and they did a great job on the full groom. Would definitely recommend them and will be using them again.” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Alexis T., Portland

“Most convenient for me and the residents of the retirement community I manage! And my fur babies seem very happy after their bath and brush...goodbye shedding undercoat!” (Google review five stars, October 2018) Melinda C., Gresham

"We have a seven-year old Shiba Inu, which is the "light of our life." Last time we went to a dog salon, after they finished they failed to call us and put our dog in a cage for close to two hours. Green Whiskers came to our home and did a beautiful job with our dog at a cost that was more than acceptable in comparison to a salon. No worries of keeping him in cage. Professionals in every sense of the word. We will definitely use them in the future. So much easier safer and less expensive. Made a believer out of me. Five stars!” (Email message, September 2018) Paul R., Portland

“This was my first time using a mobile dog grooming service, so I wasn't sure what to expect. They were super efficient in texting me ahead of time regarding my appointment, and the Green Whiskers van pulled up right on time. Greg, the owner, and his groomer introduced themselves to me and my dog, Kitty, and gave me a tour of their van, explaining how they only use earth-friendly, natural products and don't need to put pets in a tub (her least favorite part) because of their customized, low-water-use system. My dog, a "fluff" Corgi, has always been a challenge for me to bath and brush myself, so an hour-and-a-half later she came out shiny clean, with her "pants" and nails trimmed, and wagging her tail like crazy. I'd definitely recommend this service to my dog-owning friends.” (Google review five stars, September 2018) Kathleen B., Portland

“Green Whiskers was GREAT! I will definitely use them again. Arrived on time, made our border collie, Tilly, feel comfortable, and did an excellent job! And, it took less time than was anticipated. Highly recommend! Make your reservation soon!!! A great service.” (Yelp five stars, September 2018) Lyn T., Portland

“Green Whiskers did a wonderful job with my dog. Their mobile grooming van has clean, state-of-the-art grooming equipment. Amanda the groomer did a super professional job, and they use a lot less water than typical groomers. Great for the environment, great for dogs” (Google review five stars, September 2018) Heather B., Portland

“My rescue dog Tutu has never been so pampered! She exited the mobile pet grooming van for Green Whiskers looking like a new girl--a real live makeover which gave a prance to her walk. A great experience for her and a great experience for me knowing that the grooming was earth friendly, using less water than traditional methods, eco-friendly products and use of cutting-edge technology particularly effective for her sensitive skin and allergies. She got a great massage out of the deal too! Very organized business.” (Yelp review five stars, September 2018) Joan A., Portland