Help your pooch beat the heat

With record temperatures planned for this week, lots of stories will cover how humans can best keep cool, but what about our furry friends? Amanda Thomas, the lead groomer for Green Whiskers mobile dog grooming, offers some tips:

#1 - Keeping dogs clean and well brushed allows for the best cooling for their skin. This creates an easy passage of air from topcoat to the skin.

#2 - Dogs with long coats can have their paw pads and bellies shaved to give them direct contact to a cool surface when laying down.

#3 - Contrary to popular belief, dogs need their hair for insulation and protection from the sun. Like people, your dog’s unprotected skin gets sunburned. Infrared imagery shows a Golden Retriever’s skin will be nearly seven degrees higher in shaved versus areas protected by hair.

#4 - Shaving a double coated dogs Golden Retrievers or Huskies can permanently alter future/normal coat growth.

#5 - If you’re away, make sure that your dog is in the coolest area of the house, with plenty of water, and a fan circulating air (not directly at a dog’s bed).

#6 - Remember how much fun running through the sprinkler was when you were a kid? Doing this with your dog is a great way for both of you to cool down during the heat of the day.

#7 - Finally and obviously, never leave an unattended dog in a car when the temperature outside soars, even in the shade.

Greg Robeson